February 26, 2024

Home Inspection

Home Inspection, Primary Monitoring for Your Home

I moved into a new home and used this inspection camera to find hidden dangers

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I’m a first time home owner. Everything about the buying process was scary, and I’m not even referring to the ridiculous interest rate we locked in with our mortgage company. What was scarier was our initial home inspection where our inspector gave us a list of potential issues with the home. Most notably, he couldn’t confirm from his visual inspection if there was still knob and tube wiring — even when he looked through the crawl space and breaker box.

We eventually took a gamble and proceeded with our purchase, but even after our closing, I couldn’t get my mind off the potential dangers that could be hidden behind our walls. That’s why I ended up drilling a few holes in different places around our home and used a borescope inspection camera to see what I could uncover.


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