June 22, 2024

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Warrington primary school celebrates outstanding inspection

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St Peters Catholic Primary School, based in Woolston, was handed the highest grading possible following an inspection by Ofsted in April.

A glowing report highlighted the schools ‘ambitious’ curriculum, along with its ‘expert’ staff who support pupils during their studies, enabling them to build a ‘rich body of subject knowledge over time’.

Ofsted inspector, Jeanette Westhead, began the report by saying: “Pupils at St Peter’s are exceptionally kind and caring.

“They go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels included. Pupils talked very confidently about the ways in which people are similar and different.

“They show great empathy towards others. Pupils enjoy coming to school and their attendance is high. Pupils said that they are very proud of their school.”

Ms Westhead added that the school has high expectations for all pupils and that behaviour among students is ‘exemplary’.

Reading was also noted as being of high priority among the curriculum with pupils as young as reception ages being encouraged to develop a love of reading.

The inspector stated: “The small number of pupils who find reading difficult are given the additional help that they need to keep up with the programme.

“The books that pupils read are carefully matched to the sounds that they know. Parents and carers are well supported so that they know how to help their children practise reading at home.

“As pupils progress through school, they become confident and fluent readers. Pupils love reading. They talked passionately about the books and authors that they like.”

Children with SEND are also catered to within the curriculum and achieve well at the school, it is said.

Another area of praise was directed towards St Peter’s relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education curriculum, which was described as exceptional.

The inspector detailed how the pupils develop into ‘responsible and respectful citizens’ due to the level of teaching on these subjects.

Ms Westhead added: “Pupils are helped to shape their own views and beliefs. They have a very well-developed sense of right and wrong.

“Pupils know how to stay healthy and be safe online. The school ensures that pupils, including those with SEND, are able to take advantage of the carefully thought-out activities on offer.”

Lastly, the work of the governors at the school was credited, with them being noted as ‘deeply committed’ and one of the reasons why staff at the setting feel ‘valued’.

The school manged to achieve an outstanding grading in all five key areas of the report. Previously it had been graded outstanding in its last inspection in 2013.

To view the full report visit reports.ofsted.gov.uk/


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