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Property Inspect has been awarded ‘Crown Commercial Service Supplier’ to provide award-winning property inspection software to the public sector

In the UK, approximately a quarter of all construction projects are in the public sector. From major infrastructure works to public housing to facilities, public sector output can be wide-ranging and varied.

However, to see these projects move successfully and efficiently from design to build and beyond requires a seamless blend of communication, collaboration, transparency, and resource management at every level.

This is where the Crown Commercial Service comes in. Established in 2014, the CCS is an executive agency of the UK government. It plays a pivotal role in the procurement and management of approved suppliers, thus ensuring that goods, services and works for the public sector are cost-effective and of a high standard.

The CCS engages in policy, strategy, and framework development, with a remit to deliver value for money in the public sector procurement process. Frameworks provide pre-negotiated conditions for goods and services to facilitate access to a wide range of suppliers at competitive prices.

Award-winning property inspection and operations software

Here at Property Inspect, we’re proud to be counted among the select handful of approved Crown Commercial Service providers, offering our award-winning property inspection and operations software to the public sector in order to streamline and protect public sector projects.

Although we operate globally with established footholds in markets across South Africa, Europe and the United States, we were founded in the United Kingdom in 2015 and we care passionately about the built environment in our home country.

Our mission, therefore, is to empower departments and professionals across the real estate landscape to streamline property operations and improve the lives of the people that invest, build, own, manage, work and live in them. We aim to achieve this by making every building compliant, transparent, and safe.

Our CCS Vertical Application Solutions Framework Contract cements our position as a trusted supplier, enabling us to deliver software that does exactly that – streamlining property inspections and operations to improve property management throughout the public sector.

Smarter solutions for safe public sector procurement

Obtaining the CCS award enables us to establish connections with government organisations that are in desperate need of smarter and safer solutions to enhance their operations for the benefit of society, while at the same time improving processes, increasing efficiency and saving money.

The Property Inspect platform allows for seamless administration and operations of a property, or a property portfolio, through property inspection and operation solutions that place emphasis on efficiency and compliance.

We do this using a range of smart features, such as automated tasks and seamless communication and collaboration tools for stakeholders like contractors and teams, ultimately enabling everyone involved in the process to become more agile and efficient with their processes.

Property Inspect removes the many barriers pen and paper formats have presented in recent years, digitising core areas in the property inspection process to keep all departments informed and efficient throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Whether that’s through maintenance tracking, digital property inspections, client logins, scheduling or invoicing, the Property Inspect platform has been built with efficiency, compliance and safety in mind.

Maintenance is of significant importance for the continued success of any public sector project, so we’ve made it easy for maintenance teams to log, manage and report on maintenance issues, organise cleaning schedules and track replacements for sensors, smoke alarms, and more, thereby aiding compliance.

In addition to this, the work order option makes it easier than ever to create checklists and assign tasks to contractors, notifying them when and where to carry out essential maintenance. With clear cost breakdowns for each task, they can be quickly marked as complete, with outstanding lists updated and distributed automatically.

Another area where Property Inspect really excels is through the use of pre-built and customisable report templates. Every public sector project in the UK requires one or many inspections, but these can often be time-consuming and manual. So, from simple risk assessments to in-depth building surveys, we’ve built a range of ready-to-use digital templates, speeding up the process enormously.

These customisable, pre-made report templates include:

  • Condition Reports
  • Risk Assessments
  • Snagging Reports
  • Fire & Safety Inspections
  • Facility Inspection Checklists
  • Asset Registers
  • Electrical Performance Certificates
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • VOID Management
  • HMO Fire & Safety
  • Audits
  • RICS Surveys

Reduce time spent at properties by 50% with digital inspections

Whether you’re out in the field or in the office, our desktop, iOS and Android app allows you to deliver faster, more detailed and more accurate property inspection reports, capturing building and asset conditions and tracking maintenance issues, all whilst reducing time at the property by over 50%.

Used in over 40 countries, Property Inspect is designed to give stakeholders total control and complete clarity over their property assets, enabling them to efficiently capture and accurately report on property conditions and property maintenance issues in a timely manner.

With Property Inspect, compiling reports becomes effortless, and there is also the option to work offline, edit reports and share them with project stakeholders from anywhere, at any time.

Other features of the Property Inspect app include:

  • A comprehensive reporting system for efficient property management
  • Analytics dashboard to control costs and optimise budget allocation
  • Intuitive workflows to create efficiencies and save time
  • Client-level controls to provide flexibility and a personalised service
  • Digital signatures to ensure compliance and streamline documentation
  • Live availability to manage teams effectively
  • Audit and sharing trails for compliance and accountability
  • Integration options to connect with other software tools
  • Live data fields to embed real-time data
  • Assisted scheduling to manage report and task bookings
  • Embed high-definition photos
  • Automatic report sharing with stakeholders
  • Offline capability to ensure uninterrupted access to essential information

The importance of data security in the public sector

At Property Inspect, we take data and security seriously so that people can be confident in the services we provide and the data held in our cloud-based software. All of Property Inspect’s services and data are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in secure cloud hosting. This provides the highest level of reliability and security. AWS has a highly reliable infrastructure with multiple availability zones and data centres, meaning that Property Inspect has had 99.99% uptime over a 365-day period, so will always continue to run even if there is a failure in one availability zone.

On top of that, to add even further security, AWS offers a variety of data security measures, including encryption, network security, and identity and access management.

To further show our commitment to security, we’re also Cyber Essentials Plus certified. This is a scheme by the UK government to help organisations improve their cybersecurity and protect against common cyber threats. This certification enables Property Inspect users to demonstrate compliance with complex data regulations, offering improved security by undergoing a more rigorous assessment of measures reducing the risk of cyber threats.

What this all amounts to is a secure, efficient, and comprehensive solution for public sector projects.

Property Inspect is an essential tool for any property inspection or management professional working in the public sector who wants to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency, driving down costs and boosting security and compliance.

Through smart workflows, audits, and assisted scheduling, together with online and offline training and support, we empower our users to deliver faster, more detailed and accurate reports whilst removing the barriers to effective property operations.

To learn more about Property Inspect, book a demo, or contact us, visit our website.

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