May 18, 2024

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Starfield Player Takes Advantage of Bug to Build Unique Structure

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  • Bugs in Starfield can lead to unique opportunities for creative building.
  • One player used a Starfield bug to build a free-floating deck in their outpost.
  • Bethesda games are known for bugs, but they can sometimes enhance the gaming experience.

A Starfield player online has managed to take advantage of a strange bug to create a unique structure in an outpost that they were building. While Starfield has plenty of bugs, it’s interesting to see a player able to use one to their advantage to create something awesome.

As a Bethesda game, it was always expected that Starfield would have its fair share of bugs. While this can be frustrating at times, the nature of bugs in Bethesda titles are often harmless, and can even add to the experience. Sometimes, they’re even hilarious, like the Starfield glitch that gave a player a pet rock, which followed their ship for over 30 hours. It’s these types of glitches that it’s hard to get frustrated at. This particular bug falls into that category too, and it happened to just the right player who knew exactly how to take advantage of it in a really interesting way.


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A Starfield player finds out that picking up items may have dire consequences, even if they appear to be useless and mundane.

Redditor Final-Craft-6992 found themselves in a unique situation while building their own Starfield outpost. A wall in their build had disappeared, leaving a beautiful view of the horizon. To capitalize, the player decided to build a free-floating deck through the empty wall, complete with a full seating area watching out into the distance. The result was an amazing view, but it was sadly short-lived. When Final-Craft-6992 next loaded into the game, the missing wall had reappeared, blocking off the deck from the inside. While this is disappointing, the deck was still there in the event that the bug happened again.

Building a Free-Floating Deck With a Starfield Bug

The outpost building in Starfield is an expansion of the settlements feature from Fallout 4, and players have certainly been making great use of it since the launch of the game. All the time, it seems as though there’s another awesome outpost build from the community, making great use of the game’s huge number of planets across the galaxy. One Starfield player even spent over 100 hours building an outpost, showcasing how complex they can be in the hands of a dedicated gamer.

It’s going to be exciting to see what Bethesda has planned for Starfield in 2024. The Shattered Space DLC is another chance for the studio to impress fans who weren’t happy with the launch of the base game, and on this occasion, Bethesda needs to deliver. It remains to be seen how Bethesda’s ongoing development of The Elder Scrolls 6 will impact any content for Starfield going forward, but hopefully, the studio remains committed to turning it into the experience the community expected at launch.

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Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a sci-fi action role-playing game where players interact with multiple factions, engage in combat, customize their main character and ship, as well as explore a universe that features over 100 systems and 1,000 planets.

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