June 22, 2024

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St Bede’s Catholic Infant School celebrates ‘outstanding’ inspection

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Pupils ‘achieve exceptionally well’ at St Bede’s Catholic Infant School, an official report states.

The school had a visit from Ofsted inspectors in October and were given heaps of praise by the education watchdogs, receiving outstanding in all areas of the inspection.

Summarising the attitudes of those who attend the setting, an inspector said: “They more than rise to meet the school’s high expectations for their academic and personal development.

“Pupils fully live out the school’s motto of ‘Learn to love; love to learn’.”

As well as the children’s approach to learning, their behaviour towards one another was another aspect of praise within the report.

“They enjoy spending time with their friends, and they care deeply for one another and for the wider world.

“Pupils have a high level of respect for adults. Pupils feel safe and they know that there is someone in school who they can go to if they have a worry.”

‘Exciting’ activities are carried out by teachers for the pupils both indoors and outdoors.

And staff are praised for getting to know their students well and using their knowledge to ‘tailor activities to maximise children’s engagement’.

The inspector highlighted the ‘highly ambitious’ key stage 1 curriculum.

Moreover, any gaps in education are addressed quickly and that enables pupils to gain a ‘rich and deep understanding of topics’.

Reading was stated as a high priority to teachers and plays a ‘crucial role’ in the curriculum.

“Staff deliver the phonics programme with fidelity. They make sure that the books that pupils read are carefully matched to the sounds that they know.

“This enables pupils to gain the secure phonics knowledge that they need to be successful readers. Pupils who fall behind with their reading knowledge are given prompt help by highly trained staff.”

Inspectors also noted the ‘equally high’ expectations the school has of SEND pupils and how staff respond ‘promptly’ to the complex needs of children who attend.

“Staff adapt the delivery of the curriculum, and the extra-curricular activities on offer, so that pupils with SEND can thrive alongside their peers.

“Equality of opportunity is at the core of the school’s work. Consequently, these pupils make strong progress across the curriculum and participate fully in school life.”

Inspectors summarised that all children are well prepared for their next stage of learning.

To read the full report visit reports.ofsted.gov.uk/


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