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Latest Elderslie Care Home inspection findings published

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The latest findings about Elderslie Care Home were published this week, with the service receiving a four, meaning good for ‘how good is our setting?’ on a six-point scale where one is unsatisfactory and six is excellent.

The other four categories recently evaluated, including ‘how well do we support people’s wellbeing?’ ‘how good is our leadership?’ ‘how good is our staff team?’ and ‘how well is our care and support planned?’ were rated as three, meaning adequate.

It shows a step forward for the care home, which we previously told had appointed a new management team after records sampled by inspectors, evidenced people were having “on average one or two baths/showers per month”.

Indeed, two residents told those carrying out a previous inspection, which was completed on March 3, that they had “not been offered a shower or bath for a number of weeks”.

“Significant concerns in relation to the safe administration of medications including controlled drugs” were also raised in the previous report about the large purpose-built care home, which is situated on Fullbar Road on the outskirts of Paisley and is run by Advinia Care Homes Ltd.

Four of the five areas evaluated at that time, including ‘how well do we support people’s wellbeing?’, ‘how good is our leadership?’, ‘how good is our staff team?’ and ‘how well is our care and support planned?’ were graded as unsatisfactory.

In the ‘how good is our setting?’ category, strengths were found to just outweigh weaknesses and this was given a rating of three, meaning adequate.

As a result of significant concerns in relation to the provision of safe and effective care, leadership and management of the service and staff knowledge and skills in key areas including adult support and protection, an improvement notice was issued to the provider Advinia Care Homes Ltd on March 21, following this previous inspection.

At the time, a spokesperson for Advinia said they “fully acknowledged the findings of the Care Inspectorate in their latest report” and “looked forward to evidencing the continued improvements at the home in the weeks and months ahead.”

During a subsequent inspection on May 29, however, the Care Inspectorate concluded there had been significant improvement in the service and a letter of compliance in respect of the improvement notice was issued on May 30.

Following this, between June 23, 28 and 29, an unannounced follow-up inspection was undertaken by three inspectors to review progress on additional requirements which were not part of the improvement notice.

Among the key messages of the latest findings were that inspectors observed visible leadership with a new and effective management team and the health and social care partnership continued to support improvement.

The consolidation of staff and residents was also found to have delivered positive benefits and staffing was noted as being well planned and managed.

The requirement for agency staff had also been reduced and staff had completed adult support and protection training.

Inspectors also said that family communication had been recommenced and remained under review and that activities and meaningful engagement required further evaluation.

In making this evaluation, they spoke with people using the service and observed three groups of residents.

Inspectors also spoke with 12 family members and 10 members of staff and management, as well as observing practice and daily life, reviewing documents and speaking with three visiting professionals.

Whilst the service has capacity for up to 120 single bedrooms with en suite shower facilities, managers have undertaken a process of consolidation to support improvements.

There were 59 people using the service at the time of the latest inspection with a current operating capacity of 60 single rooms across two units.

The service has plans to increase its capacity in the future and reopen the remaining two units.

No complaints had been upheld against the service since the last inspection, the report concluded.

Advinia Care Homes Ltd have been contacted for comment.


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