July 13, 2024

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How is Dominion easing concerns before next phase of wind farm construction?

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Dominion Energy is expanding the onshore portion of construction for their offshore wind turbine energy project. Here’s what’s going on.

This week, Dominion will begin installing vibratory caisson foundations needed to support monopole transmission structures. The work will occur between Kingsland Lane and London Bridge Road, running through the Castleton and Pine Ridge neighborhoods.

“The monopoles are what the wires will run through,” said Jeremy Slayton, a spokesperson with Dominion. “They will support the wires overhead.”

Virginia Beach

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We continue to follow through with this project. This offshore wind turbine farm has caused quite a commotion in the Croatan neighborhood. News 3 has been speaking with residents over the last few months who aren’t happy with the noise and vibrations.

“In the middle of the night I felt a big shake, and the mirror came down in my bathroom,” said one resident, John Knight. “Splintered into a thousand pieces.”

However, Slayton says the construction in this area is different. It’s overhead, not underground. They began it in Chesapeake, and now they’re moving into Virginia Beach.

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Construction is re-mobilizing near the Croatan neighborhood as Dominion looks to finish up on the shoreline. Slayton says they are taking measures like installing sound walls and swapping out safety lighting, so it’s less intense for residents when it gets dark.

“We spent the past few weeks trying to figure out ways that we could address those concerns and make things less of a concern for neighbors,” he said.

Dominion also offers neighbors free, voluntary pre-construction home inspections in the Pine Ridge and Castleton neighborhoods.

Susanna Miller, who lived in Croatan and recently moved to the Eastern Shore, urges residents to get that inspection. She’s convinced cracks in her home started to appear when Dominion began construction near the shoreline.

Virginia Beach

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“Have them look and better to be prepared than to end up with cracks on every side of your house,” she told News 3.

Construction in the London Bridge/Kingsland Lane area will only be done during the day and is expected to end in early June.

The company will also be installing transmission lines on poles near the Battlefield Golf Course in Chesapeake. Slayton says if you have any questions, please reach out to Dominion.


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